OpenGL ES and Java3D on Nokia 6650

have you guys seen this really interesting video demo from Nokia on 3d graphics for their Nokia 6650 java mobile phone?,5184,5400,00.html

this one rocks! are they running OpenGL or Java3D on that mobile? That’s what I understood from their webpage.

it would be interesting to know the boys at Nokia are using OpenGL hardware for that phone or pure software.

My guess is software-only OpenGL implementation. Impressive indeed for being a mobile phone.

for opengl es 3d/2d hardware accelleration check this link on 3d for Symbian mobiles:

It’s software, and it’s not claimed that the video is calling through OpenGL ES.

The Ti announcement is using the ARM and DSP combination in the OMAP processor, not strictly hardware acceleration although they claim decent sounding results. They are using available processing resources on the phone.

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It must be a software implementation. I’ve tried Doom and other 3d games on other Nokia smartphones with 104Mhz ARM processor and I was suprised how smooth and fast they run.

here you can see some impressive 3d games for mobile phones