OpenGL ES 2.0 OBJ and png loader


I have just moved to the Java, and OpenGL ES 2.0. I am programming in Eclipse. I wanted to ask you, for some loaders, which will load obj and png files. I want just a simple loader, which will load the full object(verticies, color, indicies).

I tried to search on internet but i did not find something helpfull.

Thanks in advance.

btw. Do anyone know, how to make a full-screen app? I am using a Blank Activity, so it looks like : - Uložení obrázků zdarma . How to make that the application will be in full-screen? (you will not see the name, icon…)

EDIT: for full-screen mode i found

this.requestWindowFeature(Window.FEATURE_NO_TITLE); // (NEW)

just put it to onCreate func.

But, if i am using that code, and when i minimize the game by handling the home button(there you can close running applications) the game doesnt respond, and it is starting again. but when i only minimize it by house button it is ok.
So the code is not a fully correctly

concerning image in java there are specifics library to load various image formats, concerning obj files searc on the web the format specifications and write your code.

Which libraries? I can not find them.

I found ImageIO, QGLWidget but i dont know how to install them.

So? :smiley: I am a bit of idiot, so i would need a reall help, step by step. :smiley:

What i really want is a page with a download link of that library. :smiley: Please :smiley:

Perhaps you should instead look at a full blown engine like libGDX which will do these things for you. If you are a beginner it might be very though to do everything by scratch.

Maybe it would help me. :smiley: but, is there any hook in this? because it is a free engine which greatly simplifies your work, it is for game-development, like i am reading. I cant belive, why it is free?

btw. it is a new things to learn, i think the loaders would be better. :smiley:

Why should it not be?
The developers make it for fun and their personal enjoyment and share their work with others. Not everybody wants to have money, some prefer personal satisfaction.