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I’ve recently got an ATI Radeon 9250 Video Card. My problem with the card is that when playing certain 3D games I’ll get errors of VPU Recovery due to the graphics card stops responding. I have a driver update program that tells me in the advice section to “install the drivers for openGL acceleration” yet I cannot find any OpenGL Drivers on the ati site nor anywhere else. I’m running Windows XP. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Follow-up on above link:

Drivers and software
Windows XP

Download the Catalyst 5.2 driver:

The release notes say that the RADEON 92X0 series is supported, which would include the 9250.

That’s exactly what I’ve been using, it doesn’t have the aceleration drivers for openGL.

Try to install the driver from your cd that come with the card

What was the game ? It’s possible that the game didn’t support your graphic card if it’s to recent… :confused:


I’m new to the forum and I am experiencing problem’s similar to Ned’s. I want to play a game, but the version of OpenGL isn’t exactly up-to-date. Is there some way I can solve this? I have the WinXP release of version 1.3.4333, however I need a Non-windows, Generic OpenGL 1.4.0 driver? Is there way I can get the necessary drivers, or am I out of luck?

the drivers form your constructor card is the way to solve… because microsoft don’t update opengl anymore…

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