opengl driver for 2d card with no opengl support


I’m just getting into OpenGL programming and although i can run OpenGL demos and code on my desktop conputer with a 3D accelerator card (with cards OpenGL drivers), the driver for my laptop has no OpenGL.

Many years ago, when i last coded OpenGL, i used a software implemented OpenGL driver which allowed me to render simple OpenGL demos without an accelerator card. Unfortunately i can’t remember the name of it.

I’ve looked at Mesa 3D, but it only seems to provide .h .lib and .dll files which are of no use to me as a Java JOGL API developer.

The JOGL API works fine on my desktop with a GF4 card drivers but just renders a couple of dots and hangs on my laptop. unfortunately i can’t lug my desktop to work, or use it on the train :wink:

Does anyone know of a software only OpenGL driver? Speed isn’t required as all i’m developing right now is code to parse a 3D model file format and render it non moving on the screen.

My laptop’s card is a:

Trident Video Accelerator CyberBlade XP Ai1 v6.4022-016L.22ICD

Thanks in advance for any help you many be able to give.


Doesn’t Java allows you to bind Mesa routines ? I really thought it was. As for many languages, I think you can get the entry points of any functions, but I really don’t know how: weird languages can do so, so why not Java ?

Hope that could help.

You propably have to set the Java native library search path to the path where you have the Mesa dll. You can do this using the property “java.library.path”.