OpenGL draws on top of everything else when my window is being overlapped

Okay, here’s my situation. When I run my OpenGL app, and it’s not the topmost window–there are other windows above it–it draws just fine. OpenGL only draws the part of my window that’s not being overlapped, is there is any.

However, after I get my program to crash once, any OpenGL program I run following the crash draws its viewport as if it’s the topmost window, even when it’s being completely overlapped. Every other part of the window, with the exception of the viewport, is drawn correctly, in its correct zorder.

Therefore, I know it does–or it doesn’t do–something when my program crashes, but I don’t know exactly what it is.

I’m using Windoze Me groan on an nVidia GeForce2MX card, running on the latest version of Detonator.

Is it just me–is there a way to rewrite it so it doesn’t do this–or is it a graphics card issue, or what?
…and is there a way I can fix this?

Your program should not crash ! Everybody knows that windoze has few resistance to program crashes. It can’t be a graphics card issue, because nv’s drivers are very stable(unless you’re using latest,non-certified,give-me-1%-more-speed drivers ?).

I cannot understand why people are still using Windows 98\ME!? Use Win2K or XP - believe it or not, it really is a lot more stable\less buggy!

Make sure you are setting the correct flags when you create the window. I don’t remember what they are and I don’t have access to my code. The one that you probably aren’t setting is something like CLIP_CHILD.

On 06-17-2002 12:04 AM, a frequent contributor named Morglum made the following remark:
Your program should not crash !

Yaaaah I know, but what I want to know is what causes this. Besides, it’s not just my program. If I can get anyone’s to crash, it’ll do the same. …and I’m using the latest version of Detonator off of nVidia’s website.

I cannot understand why people are using Windoze period, or alone making their software Windoze-specific. As for which version of Windoze the user has, that’s something I do not have control over, if I was going to make my program publically available.

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Old driver bug in NV, get latest driver 28.xx or 29.xx


I updated my drivers to 29.42, and that still doesn’t seem to fix my problem. Help :-