I just started working on OPENGL.I downloaded OPENGLSDK from the net and tried to run an exmaple in it.It asks for OPENGL.dll and I dont have it on my PC.From where do I get this OPENGL.dll?If you know please let me know at

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opengl.dll is an OpenGL implementation from SGI , and you should be able to find it somewhere there.

However, opengl.dll is an old software implementation, and you shouldn’t use it unless you got a good reason to do so. The sample codes you have is linked to opengl.lib, which is the import library for opengl.dll. Replace that import library with opengl32.lib, and you will use opengl32.dll instead. That’s an implementation from Microsoft, that can use hardware acceleration if present.

If the files you have are pre-compiled, try copy opengl32.dll into your program folder, and rename it to opengl.dll.

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If you are on windows 95b/98/NT/Me/2k/XP you should not need it.

You only need it if you have the original win 95 which didn’t come with opengl.

There are a few other things you will need when you want to use extensions, but soon gl 2.0 will make those obsolete.