opengl.dll vs opengl32.dll

I’m just finished setting up openGL environment on my machine. When I try to run some sample programs, during the run-time, it says that it can’t find opengl.dll, and sure enough it is not on my machine, since all installation instructions only mention and include opengl32.dll.
Where can I get opengl.dll?

Thank you.

I found it once before, but I lost the website link. But I can email it to you if you would like.

  • VC6-OGL

Are these programs you are compiling yourself? If so, you should be linking to opengl32.dll instead of opengl.dll. If I remember right the opengl.dll and glu.dll functions contained the old SGI software implementation of OpenGL. For hardware accelleration, you’ll probably want opengl32.dll, which can pass things on to the drivers supplied with your card.

Looking around main page, there should be link to the page where you can download opengl.dll

Thank you all.
I found it for download at:
And now it works.
Thanks again for you time.