'OpenGL.DLL file missing' problem!

im using Dev C++ 4.01 and the tutorials on GameCoder by Paul Gerfen and when I compile it goes through fine, but on running it says ‘OpenGL.dll file missing’. Anyone know where I can get it.

Im using Windows 98SE


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Try exploring your c:\windows\system\ directory, you’ll only find opengl32.dll instead
of opengl.dll. You can download it somewhere in microsoft web site, I just forgot
where is it. Or you can download OpenGL SDK from
and install it then you’ll have opengl.dll.


just replace opengl.lib with opengl32.lib in the object/library options.
opengl.dll is way to old.

Its seems my machine only requires OpenGL.dll to compile DOS stuff, I managed to get it and then everything worked. Windows stuff runs no matter what so thats ok .

Does anyone know where I can get all the original opengl .dll files from - opengl.dll, glu.dll and glut.dll?

I need them in order to run some old pre-compiled programs. The download above doesn’t even install opengl.dll on my system for some reason.

So EdzUp, you’re learning OpenGl too eh mate?

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Opengl.dll is a software OpenGL implementation for windows by sgi. It supposedly has better performance than micrsofts sw implementation, but you have to link to it explicitly. It is not the same thing as opengl32.dll, although I think it is supposed to pass everything along to opengl32.dll if it detects hardware acceleration. If you want this sgi implementation, you can download it here: