OpenGL, Delphi, Resizing Problem

Hi guys.

I’m making an OpenGL application on Delphi just as a test, but It’s not working the way I want.

I’m using a TPanel to set the OpenGL Rendering Context, and I can’t resize it!!!

Resize, means using the Tpanel.Width and Tpanel.Height properties (or when Align <> alNone and whe resize the Principal form).

When I use it (not every time), the application crashes and a message like this appears:

‘access violation at 0xbff25dd5: read of address 0x81fb7000… etc’.

After, a window with a lot of Assembly code appears and I have to close it.

What is happenning?

The problem disappears when I run the executable file.

It is present only in debugging.

Is it an error or it’s normal?

Up to (I think) version 4 of Delphi, there was a bug that caused this problem with OpenGL apps. They run ok from the .exe but crash the Delphi IDE just like you describe. Delphi 5 upwards is ok and there are some fixes to the opengl.pas unit that help this problem for earlier versions.

What version of Delphi do you have?