OpenGL crashing

Hey guys. I recently updated my video drivers and imported a lib file from the new dlls. Doing this fixed one problem and that was my system locking up, but I still cant get my opengl code to run. All my old programs now are crashing. Im at a lost as to a fix outside of a complete reformat and reinstall. Anyone has any suggestions before I take such a drastic action?

what lib did you import?

glu32 and opengl32. Before i imported them the system would lock up if I ran the compiled code, now it simply crashes the app. Im using Borland command line to compile.

maybe it help other if you say more about system and card info and code.

Where in your code is it crashing? Or is it in the library?

Its crashing at WinMain. I think I got it figured out though. I was discussing this problem with one of my instructors and he suggested that it could be the compiler itself (Borland 5.5). I just downloaded dev-c++ and will give it a try. Ill let you know how it turns out.