OpenGL courses

my organisation is looking for short courses that can be given on-site. Can anyone suggest companies/people that could offer such a service? We are programmers but would like to start taking advantage of OpenGL for science solutions.
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Conrad :slight_smile:

Which country ?

We are located in Italy, just north of Milan. The actual town is called Ispra.
We would like something like a three day course with approx. 10 people attending.

Years ago, I attended an OpenGL training session on the site of my company. It was an SGI course but it was taught by a local partner of SGI.

Maybe contact SGI in Italy.

I’ve toyed with the idea of teaching an OpenGL course at my company. But it seems silly because there are so many good tutorials out there. If you are programmers, it should be easy to teach it to yourselves. A good site for OpenGL tutorials is at NeHe graphics ( Don’t be intimidated by the fact that there are 48 tutorials. Doing the first 15 would probably be good enough to do scientific or engineering visualization. I’d also suggest reading the OpenGL Superbible. Any programmer who is motivated to learn 3D graphics, can do so on his/her own using these two resources.

Thanks MaxH,
one of the things though that we would like to get into is GPU computing. So it is a little more specialised than just doing the OpenGL thing.
If you know of good tutorials for this as well, maybe we won’t have to find a course!
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Conrad :slight_smile:

Not a tutorial but lots of information, the official toolkit and SDK:

And this website is dedicated to it :

do you do courses? I noticed that you are in Grenoble… lots of great stuff happening there!

Thanks for the links. We are aware of the CUDA stuff, but we are also eyeing the OpenCL stuff. Not sure how all of this will be linked together though…
Conrad :slight_smile:

I can do courses, and Milan is not so far.

My experience is that courses are really useful to grasp a whole domain and its context, then tutorials and reference material are more useful for a very precise topic, once the high level vision is clear enough.