OpenGL correctness Vs. driver problems


I recently had a weird drawing problem that only occured on certain machines.

Fe . W2000, Geforce2 GTS - draw ok
Linux, Geforce2 GTS - drawing problems
W2000, HP-VisualizeFX 4+ - drawing problems

Although I debugged my code using GLTrace I couldn’t find any errors in it…
In fact on ALL the machines the generated GL calls were the same, so there should be no bug in my GL code.

On the other hand, the HP Visualize FX card is a quite expensive proffessional GL card… so it should draw things rather perfectly.

NOTE : The bug has finaly been solved by adding a glPushAttrib(GL_ALL…) to the main render loop.

Now my question is : What do you guys use to determine if :

a) Your code is correct.
b) There’s a bug in the video-card driver.