openGL color support question

As a follow up to my posting below on the savage4+ card I installed, I was able to get it to run openGL programs. I had to lower the color setting to 256 colors, and my program and other demos run fine. If I set the color to 16 bit or higher, I get an invalid fault in S3MICD.DLL. Does this sound hardware or software related, or normal? Thanks from a rookie, Jim M

S3 is the manufacturer of the savage cards. You’re lucky, I couldn’t get a savage 4 to do openGL at all…

The card is actually a Diamond Stealth III S540 PCI, which uses the savage4 pro chip. I just installed it on my machine, which is an older system, but I am not overly impressed with the video card, although I haven’t really done much with it except trying to set up glut and start some very basic programs. Jim