OpenGL capabilities

Hi there,

I’m a comfortable java programmer and am learning basic OpenGL, looking at sites like this. I’ve completed a few basic tutorials. AFter surfing the web on OpenGL I’m trying to set out my limits. I can see how 3-d cubes would be modelled but how would I go about modelling something like a 3-D cat and have it look realistic. Would I start with polygons and add texture later? Would this look trashy? Please advise your input would be of much much value.


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hey casper, here’s some good reading:

the OpenGL programming guide (redbook):

examples from the redbook:

the OpenGL reference manual (bluebook):

demo / tutorial sites:

OpenGL spec and misc docs:

OpenGL extensions:

this should keep you busy for at least an hour or two :slight_smile:

conehead many thanks,

Some very good reading there which I am now in the process of trawling through.

Will make for a productive weekend hopefully :wink:

Cheers mate

And about doing a nice 3D cat, it is best to use a dedicated modeler (commercial, free, or your own program), then import the file and draw in opengl.