OpenGL:can't find suitable visual

Hello all,

I was running moe(molecular operating environment software)in solaris 8 which requires opengl for its graphical figures.
solaris 8 is having opengl and the version is 1.2.1.It was working finely for months and now for the past few days it is giving the following error.

moe: WT fatal error: OpenGL: Can’t find suitable visual

please help me to solve this problem.Opengl in the solaris box has ademo pgm in it to check whether it is installed properly and
how it is working.when i run that pgm it is
working fine.
I dont know why it is not working out for this software but gives the same message.

please help me.

thanks in advance

That message means that the application can’t get the minimum colour/alpha/Z/stencil/etc. depths it has requested. So one of two things I can think of might have happened:
1)You made the app somehow ask for ‘deeper’ components.
2)Or, more likely, you have reduced the X11 color depth probably from 24 to 16.Try setting the depth to 24.

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