OpenGL, C++, and XP

i would like to know how to setup win XP for opengl coding. I have already dloaded glut 3.7 and mingw (the 14.5 meg exe), but how do i actually get started?

i understand i have to copy glut32.dll to the win/system32 dir, but how do i link mingw to this library? Also, how do i get a coding window open, and compile/exec the coded opengl files?

could replies please include detailed instructions because i have never setup a win machine with “linux” style software before.

anyone have more helpful replies?

that url discusses setup with visual c++, but i want to use glut3.7 with mingw

Hi !

The glut stuff is the same on all platforms, so just read the documentation for glut.

The MinGW website has some nice tutorials on how ti use MinGW, they should get you started pretty ok.

You need to give the linker the libraries to use, you do that with the “-l” option, like:
gcc bla.c -lglut.lib -lopengl32.lib -mwindows

You might get some help from our good friend google also: