opengl + borland + FREEZE

Im trying opengl for about a month now. Made a simpel application that a bitmap and creates a simpel terrain from polygons. (but what eva i made the same error so it doesnt really matter… all using polygons though)

It written in Borland C++ and i tried it using a TForm component or the GLUT library and still had the same error… When an object is near the viewing point or something when the application startsup it freezes the computer. When i translate those polygons in the the depth it works fine. Then i can zoom in en fly over it so to speak. But i cant start above the terrain.

Its being developed on a Compaq Armada E500 (with ATI Rage Mobile (8mb)) … maybe its the OpenGL API of the ATI… i dont know.

does anyone recognize this problem or can anyone help me…

Junkie =]

You may need to disable the floating point error handlers. See my OpenGL page for more info.


I got more reactions at Nehe’s open gl site. One was with the same answer as this only not explaining where to put the _control87 line. Im gonna try this cuz i already believe its a devision by zero error or something.


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