OpenGL beginner query

Ive just begun a university project that aims to build a CAD type application where four images will be shown on screen of the same object ( e.g. cube), one of which will be 3D. the user will be able to choose a desired object in the 3D space via the mouse.
A stipulation is that it must be carried out using Visual (C++ and MFC) and OpenGL.
What kind of higher level OpenGL based API would be best suited for this would you think?
hope this makes sense,

HEY Stevo… i too have chosen the same project and i will be developing an application like 3d max as a my fourth year project … i will be using C++ for the coding purpose and VC++ for the interface…
it will be nice if you can share ur ideas…


Have alook at something like OSG Open Scene Graph, which is build on top of Opengl and would provide a lot of help for your

See this page for link and info to the OSG project