OpenGL + audio

i think in 2.0 OpenGL should have some audio stuff in it. maybe do something w/ OpenAL. (

This is the Open Graphics Library, not the Open Library Of Random Game-Centric Stuff. OpenAL exists, and is separate, for a reason.

Well Korval, I though the same at first, so there is no need of being that unfriendly, but let me answer the question.
OpenGL is only a rendering library, it has nothing to do with all the other multimedia things. I assume that you are usin GLUT. GLUT also has some mouse stuff included so that you could want some sound. OpenGL doesn’t want you to make you use a certain library. U can use FMOD, DirectSound everybody can write his own sound library and include it in OpenGL.
Id you want sound I would have a look at FMOD, it’s free as long as you don’t plan to use your program commercially and it is powerful (3dSound). Have a look at