openGl as an Blender alternative

Hi, I’ve come here to find an alternative to Blender. Have I got the wrong idea of OpenGL? This is a video I’ve used Blender for projects that include png files in a 3d space that I then keyframe. I’ve also used displacement techniques to build something that resembles a mount. Can I use OpenGL to do similar things? Please let me know if I’m conceptualising things about OpenGL incorrectly. Many thanks!

Blender 3D is a tool for building meshes, geometry, animation, and scenes. OpenGL is a graphics API for programmers. Your question is like saying that you want an alternative to a car, so you’re looking at an internal combustion engine.

ah okay, kinda helpful. So I can use openGL with other api’s or protocols to begin achieving similar things to what I use blender for? I’ve recently notices OpenCAD? Could I make meshes in there and bring them into openGL?

Im I wrong to assuming that can use OpenGL and OpenSCAD to create computer-animated movies?

No you’re not (at least for OpenGL since I don’t know OpenSCAD). But you’ll have to program this yourself, or use some existing program that might be using GL.

Okay thats great to know.

There are a lot of resources for blender online. Im often using youtube "how to’s to learn how to say: make a mountain.
Theres some good recourse which show you all the basics the get going for openGL. Some being “learnopenGL” website/pdf and also OpenGl Red Book. But its hard to find walk throughs for specific things. Right now for example I want to animate a png file/ also use displacement methods to design a mountain. How can I approach problems like this with OpenGL?