OpenGL Android - Rotate objects other than a cube or triangle


I 've already had access to Android code available on internet where a cube can be created and rotated on reply to events.

What I really need is to find a way to upload a png image file and be able to rotate it. The issue is how to set the cube behaviour to an image loaded from memory. An example is the Teapot project NHK available in project samples in Android Studio. But it uses an .inl file.


Hi all,

I already know how to draw a cube and rotate and translate it on reply to events in Android.

Now I need something slightly different for an Android app: Instead of having a cube I would like to replace it with a 3D image. The same way it is done in C++ with .obj files where we have a Scene and 3D .obj files.

Any clues or examples on how to do this?


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