OpenGL and XBOX Gaming

I am a novice C++ programmer. My goal is to use C++ and openGL to make games for the popular gaming console XBOX. Is this possible? Would I only need to know C++ and openGL. Would DirectX be better to program on the XBOX or PS2. Which one should I study?

for playstation, Sony have releaded a SDK for programming games.
For ps2, this is a linux development.

Then, for Xbox, just wait an SDK.
otherwise, if you know what is the os of the xbox( windows 98 ie), you could try to programm the game on a pc; but only if the xbox uses an os complying with windows !

I believe that XBox supports DirectX and not OpenGL.

PS2 has a windows development kit. Its made by SN Systems. Try Also I have heard that someone made an OpenGL implementation on PS2 but I have never used it. PS2 does not have all the hardware that some OpenGL functions require so I doubt OpenGL would be useful, except in its most limited form. I highly doubt anyone has ported DirectX to PS2. Either way if you were to develop for PS2 you probably would not use either API.

XBox uses DirectX as its API, since it is made by Microsoft. If you learn DirectX then you can make Xbox games. There are rumors that there will be an OpenGL implementation on Xbox.

I recommend learning OpenGL first because I think it is easier to learn than DX. After you know OpenGL, learning DX should be easy if you can stomach the style.


just an fyi, the gpu for the xbox is by nvidia, which is a big supporter of opengl.
“halo”, for the xbox done by bungie studios, and was done in opengl.

now unless bungie was told (in mid-production) to switch over to directx, it is opengl.

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Do a search on the Advanced forum and you’ll discover that NVIDIA had never any plans to support OpenGL on XBox. So unless you know something they haven’t said, HALO does not use OpenGL on XBox. And I doubt it uses DirectX in the same manner you would on a PC. I’m willing to bet the version of DirectX on XBox lets the game get much closer to the hardware.

just a quick note, halo was originally going to be a computer release, and, since its bungie, probably a mac version was planned. given this info, they were probably going to use gl originally (no point in using direct x when you know you are going to have to port to GL).

so, yes, they probably did originally write it in gl. however, M$ owns bungie now, and halo is an xbox only title, so it was probably ported to directX as soon as it became an xbox exclusive (like M$ would let them do a mac port anyway)