OpenGL and windows xp

hello all,
i’m taking a class where i’m using opengl on unix based systems at school. however, i would like to work on my programs from my computer at home. i have a thinkpad running xp…i spoke with my prof and she told me to come here and download something or another but i have no clue where to look. any help would be greatly appreciated.

AFAIK there is nothing special to do. The (crappy) software implementation should still work out of the box, and the manufacturer should have suitable drivers for the graphics controler. That is for the run-time part.

From a developer’s point of view, you need a library to link to to get the entry points in opengl32.dll, but this should be installed by default in your dev environement (typically opengl32.lib). The only thing you would have to download is an up-to-date glext.h to get definitions of enumerants for post OpenGL 1.1 functionality. You can find this header here :
You could be interested in an automatic function loader such as GLEW :

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