OpenGL and windows 95/98/etc

How do i tell OpenGL that i have a 3dfx card?
If i compile and run a OpenGL app everything is software rendered. (Slooow)
One colored polygone is okay, but a textured one is so slow.

Is there any command or something that i have to enter into the source, or is it my compiler? (lcc Win32) Or any other software? (I have glide installed, if that matters)

Ah yes, 3Dfx…

When you run your program it loads opengl32.dll in your windows/system directory. This is a software driver, you want to use the 3dfx driver which is like… 3dfxvgl.dll or something. Do not rename it to opengl32.dll

Instead go to the secret website here…

This is a great wrapper that will allow your applications to dynamicly load the correct driver.