OpenGl and the GNAT (ada) compiler

I am a student and need OpenGl for my studies. I
need OpenGl for Windows and I am using the GNAT
(ADA) compiler. I have OpenGl with the M$ VISUAL
STUDIO and an old version for the Aonix ObjectAda
compiler. The problem is that these versions
are not what I need. I am using ADA and this ules out the use of VISUAL STUDIO and the Aonix
ObjectAda compiler has some critical flaws and
doesn’t use GLUT correctly.

Is there an academic program where I can get the
needed OpenGl files? The GNAT compiler can link
to object files created with the associated GCC
(C/C++) compiler. As such, I would need the
compiled version ( .O ) file and the associated
header file. Because of the unique compilation
model of GNAT, library files do not exist per say.
They exist as the various object files.