opengl and stereo viewing

Hello, I’m trying to make a small application. I’m willing to use polarized glasses to have a stereoscopic view.
Does anyone already tried and can help me?
thank you

both GLUT and SDL give support to stereo viewing (giving the signal to your polarized glasses).

About the theory : try recreating the reality of stereo viewing by rendering the same scene from to 2 different points of view. --> two parallel (//) camera displaying the scene alternatively for right and left eye.

2 ways :

1- the two camera keep the same target. Here you must gives strong attention to the way you place the 2 targets. it’s the way we (humans and most animals… ) do two build the third dimension in our brain.

2- the two target are // . It allows much easier scene design.

my experience with it is that the second way works better (unless you’re a Spielberg…). Indeed keeping the same target doesn’t allow the spectator to look at the rest of the displayed image (but the center) with good stereo viewing.

Are you going to use still images or renderd ones?

i’m using rendered images.
are there any differences on the methods to use?

you can use ortho for stills, and you don;t need to worry about setting up your views for left/right.