OpenGL and REALBasic

I recently purchased REALBasic, and I want to be able to use OpenGL with it. I am aware of the Rb3DSpace Control, but I don’t think it will suit my needs. I am taking on a daunting project: To build a 3d modeling, animation, and rendering package made for Mac. I know it sounds rediculous, but I think it si possible.

Simply put, I need to know how I can call OpenGL Functions with REALBasic witout using Rb3DSpace or Quesa. Right now, the modeller is more importnat than anything.

I would like to make the modeler patch-based As I have very little experiece with SDS and Tri-Meshes … I just don’t like.

One more thing, and this is probably pretty obvious. I plan on using the Canvas Control as the viewport. When I call OpenGL Functions, do I set a target on which to draw the result, or do I do that in a separate line… how is the final image put on the screen?

Please forgive me if my questions seem trivial; I am experinced in 3D Animation, but not 3D Programming.

Thanks in Advace,

Well, they don’t seem trivial to me. I don’t know if anyone else here has any experience with REALBasic but most of us here use C/C++. If you don’t get lucky here maybe you can try finding a REALBasic forum.
Anyway, I suppose you would need some kind of libraries to bind OpenGL to the language. Did you do a search on google for “REALBasic OpenGL”?
Usually these bindings connect your program with the graphics card OpenGL driver (which is maybe a .so file in MacOS X?). Good luck!