OpenGL and Qt

Hi, I got problems compiling openGL-code within a qt-Framework. I tried the openGL-example from the Oreilly-book “Programming with qt”. The example uses the qgl.h headerfile and defines a “Sierpinsky-triangle”-class which inherits from QGLWidget. I used tmake with “openGL”-option to generate a makefile. By calling the compiler, I get at least one error-message for each method in the “Sierpinski-class” which says: (.gnu.linkonce.d.__vt16SierpinskiWidget+0):
undefined reference to `QGLWidget::“methodname”()’.
Does this look familiar to somebody?
I’m using SuSE 7.0 and just installed the standard mesa-library(Compiling redbook-glut-examples is no problem). Anything, i forgot?

sounds like a qt problem to me. are you linking to the qt libraries? can you compile other non-GL qt stuff the same way? did you include the Q_OBJECT macro in your class definition?

i think you will have better luck on a qt related forum though…

QT programms need to be linked (as say in your book -i’ve got the same) to QT libraries.
And you must add qgl links, and opengl links.

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