OpenGL and Poser4

Guys, I try to use Poser4 to create some 3D pictures and use openGL to process them.But I don’t which kinds of file the openGL can process, cause the Poser4 only exports OBJ, 3D Studio, Detailer, DXF,
RIB, Wavefront, 3DMF, and VRML/H-Anim
Thank you for your considerations!

it can process every file type, but it does not load any… so you have to search for wich you find info how to load it ( manuel! ) and then load it and render it

There seems to be misconseption when it comes to OpenGL. OpenGL is just a library of functions that sets up and draws polygons. It doesn’t have any functions that “open” or “read” model files.

What you need to do is load in a model file with your own code and store the information into a structure or class. Then you can use the information in your structure or class to feed into the OpenGL rendering pipeline.

You can go to to find the file formats of several files, not just 3d models.

Tank you, guys!