OpenGL and MS Windows?

I am a beginner of both OpenGL and Windows programming. I am reading the red book right now, but get confused many times. I know a little about how to use Visual C++ 6, but how to combine
OpenGL and Visual C++? is there any tutorial on OpenGL’s programming on Windows? The red book is a nice tutorial, but it is not specified for Windows. Thanks.

Have a look at NeHe’s tutorials. You should find all the information you need to get started.

It isn’t specifically for windows, but it will compile on a windows machine and run.

  • Halcyon

You might also try for some MFC tutorials. And try which has OpenGL apps many with source code as well as many other types of apps.

Also, a few OpenGL samples can be found at

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ive found that using SDL is alot easier to get opengl to interface w/ windows (also mac and linux). It takes about 10 lines of code to get the window set up. Just go to: and get the latest version of it and look at the tutorials! If you need any other help just post so.

  • Lurking

it’s mine…aimed for people starting out with opengl/win32 api… .