OpenGL and Motif

Hi, I am looking for a skeleton code in Motif/X that would enclose an OpenGL window( as shown belown). I have seen such skeleton code for the Qt library and OpenGL. However, I only have access to Solaris workstations with Motif and Xlib. I know some basic Motif, so I would prefer any skeleton code that uses Motif rather than Xlib. But if you know a of skeleton that is in Xlib, I would love to see it as well. Thanks ahead of time.

A Frame
| Program Menu                |
|       |                     |
| MOTIF |                     |
|       |    GL Window        |
|CNTRLS |                     |
|       |                     |
|       |                     |

Maybe are you looking for something like the Motif Drawing Area Widget?

Mesa has it but is perhaps using another name?

Thanks for the link! I will check it out and see if I can get what I need.

There is a Motif GL Drawing Area widget. Header files are named along the lines of GLwDraw*.h. I am not sure if this comes with your Motif distribution. You can see what you have in your /usr/X11R6/include/GL directory. There is an example by Mark Kilgaard (somewhere on the web) about how to set it up and use. If you don’t find it you can post back and I will try to go through my files and see if I still have it.


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