OpenGL and Java

I want to use Java for GUI and OpenGL for Graphics. That is, I want to invoke OpenGL ‘C’ binding funcs from Java using JNI. It’s just like X to OpenGL using GLX library. At the same time , I don’t want to use Java bindings for OpenGL. 'coz, i have already writted code using OpenGL with X-Motif UI.Only thing, I want to change the GUI to Java.
Is it possible ? if it is , how?

Thanks in advance.



You can also look into gl4java:
OpenGL™ for Java™ (abbrev.: GL4Java) maps the complete OpenGL™ 1.3 API and the complete GLU 1.2 API to Java™ and integrates all managment functions, while using the Java™-Native-Interface (JNI) and the JDirect-Interface of MSTM-JVM !
GL4Java uses the native OpenGL™ library of the underlying operating System !

You can find under :