opengl and direct sound

Are there any good tutorials that show how to load and play music with direct sound. I dont want tutorials the use the windows api because I dont understand it. I would like some tutorials that use glut for windowing if possible.

p.s if your response to this post is learn the windows api, then tell me where some good tutorials on the windows api are

I’ll see if I can find one, or I will create one.

  • VC6-OGL

Look for OpenAL. It is Open platform, and uses opengl style syntax. Its a pretty decent 3d sound system. And NO MS crap.

Ive been using FMOD

comes with some Tutorials too…

I’d stick with OpenAl cuz it supports EAX 2.0 and all the stuff like positional audio and file sizes are small to download.

Where are some tutorials about OpenGLAI ?