OpenGL and DDraw

Do OpenGL and DirectDraw mix OK ?? Are there any traps I should know about or special cases one should be wary of ??


Trying to mix OpenGL and DirectDraw is… err… no good

It’s more or less (maybe there is a way, but I doubt) impossible to mix two API’s that both uses the videomemory. They are working in two different ways, and are incompatible with each other.

My tip is: don’t even try.

Thanks for the tip.

So how would you go about creating a full screen OpenGL window if you can’t use DDraw ??


use ChangeDisplaySettings and EnumDisplaySettings.

Oh, so you want to set videomode with DirectX…

I have heard that it should be OK to use DirectX to set videomode, and then use OpenGL for rendering. But I still think it’s bad to mix two “similar” APIs, so I haven’t tried it. I thought you wanted to use DirectDraw-functions for, for example, bitmap handling and stuff, and that is no good . got some nice tutorials (well, loads of other stuff too) that uses native Win32 calls to set videomode.