opengl and 3dmax


i have 3dmax 3.1 and i want to use its animations in opengl, so how do i go about it?

I’m not 100% sure, but I think It only uses OpenGL in the viewports. The rendering is made with a rayTracer. The only place that I know where you can select OpenGL is at a startUp menu that’s enabled by putting a -h at the program call. (3Dmax.exe -h)

I think the he wants to make an animation in 3dsmax and be able to display it with an OpenGL app, after all this is a programming forum and not a how to use max forum… Which is way more than I want to write here…

If this is the case, I will say this. You need to get the data out of max, I think the ASC format supports animation if not the 3DS format probably does. Then you have to learn how to read it in. I believe there is a library that will allow you to load/manipulate 3DS files. Then you have to learn how to display a model heirarchy. And finally you have to learn how apply the transformations to the skeleton each frame in order to make it animate. This is quite a LARGE topic and like I said, alot more than I want to write here. I’m sure many people can point to nifty faqs and tutorials on the subject. Personally, I bought a copy of the Animetix exporter (before Animetix went out of business) which gives me the data in a nifty, well documented format. I then read in that format and write out my own format. Then my engine reads my format and does its magic.