OpenGL active desktop

The windows desktop wallpaper support sucks. My attempt s to find a ‘moving’ background image for my desktop has resulting in the solution of an animated GIF.

Now Don’t get me wrong, Tweety-Pie the yellow cartoon bird flapping it’s tiny wngs at 4 frames per second in a very small 200x200 GIF does technically count as ‘moving’ but I just can’t find anything better than that.

Has anyone ever made an OpenGL or even half-decent animated desktop background? The closest thing I have ever seen is the Animated water-ripple background in the title bars of TRIPEX2, a Winamp visualisation plugin.

Windows NEEDS spicing up a bit, and I know that an animated wallpaer will suck up CPU, but I WANT SUPER SMOOTH 3D DESKTOPS DAMMIT!!!

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yup! dremples! it’s AWESOME… big fps too

Anyone have an idea of how this program (dremples) works???

If you guys haven’t looked at the program it is pretty cool.

I would like to be able render directly to the desktop. Does anyone out there know how???

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you should retrieve the DC for the desktop. To do that you need the handle of the desktop, which is treated as a normal window und windoughs, by using the function GetDesktopWindow(). Then get the DC by calling GetDC(hwnd). Now you have the DC and can treat it as a you treat a usual OpenGL view and draw whatever you want on it!

I didn’t try it, but this is the only way I can think of how it can work.
Tell me whether it worked or not.

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Just upgrade from windoze to macos, job done!