OpenGL 4 ever ??

Hi all, I have heard that production on OpenGL has stopped. Will this spell the end of this awsome API ???

Maybe you got mixed up somewhere. Are you sure it wasn’t Direct3D…


Actually, the development of directdraw was stopped.

Actually, the development of directdraw was MERGED to direct3d in directx 8.

Acutally DirectX sucks…

I’m waiting for OpenML…


I totally agree. Haven’t touched Direct3D since version 5. At least that particular version was too goddamn unstable to do any serious stuff. Somehow I don’t like that external library that I use core dumps on me. Plus we all know the great D3D portability…


so is SGI pushing it’s OpenInventor (which they claim to be built on top of OpenGL) as the new API? or is this something else, like an extension off of OpenGL?

OpenGL1.2.1 is getting native support on BeOS and Linux.
M$ said they’ll support it too.

OpenGL is evolving as fast as Direct3D through the extensions.

OpenML is a Open Media Library, using OpenGL1.2.1 for 3D.
OpenML can be seen as a crossplatform equivalent (in feature terms) of DirectX.

Hopefully versions changes will not create the same problems as DirectX versions change…
(And Yes, I used DirectX, from 5 to 7, and I won’t comment any further on what I think of the API)