OpenGL 3G Cell Phones

Does any one knows whether companies like Nokia, or Motorola are planning to support OpenGL on any of their forthcoming 3G cell phones?

I’ve heard a company called Imagination Technologies somewhere in United Kingdom is coming out with 3D acceleration chips for mobile phones this year.

Will I be able to program in OpenGL for such a chip on mass-market cell phones when developing wirless games.

I am intrested to such transition from current wap games to next-gen 3G hi-specs cell phones.



I checked with Imagination Technologies and yes, their PowerVR MBX chip supports OpenGL. This chip will be used in handhelds and cell phones and and they expect OpenGL content for other platforms to be migrated to MBX based devices.

Can someone send me the I.T. web url ?? I found “a few” web sites containing imagination and technology on the net

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and keep an eye on symbian-based devices: