Opengl 3.2 core profile on MVC++ 2008

Hello Everybody
I want to create an opengl 3.2 context core profile only but I didn’t. I use SDL 1.3
This is my steps :

1- Download gl3.h on

2- Download the latest version of glew (1.5.3) for using the libs only

3- Compile my project with gl3.h only and link it with glew32.lib
,glew32s.lib and opengl32.lib

First time I didn’t link because the declared functions in gl3.h didn’t match with those in glew32.lib.
Then I add some lines in gl3.h.
Now I link successfully but my SDL window crash…I do anything to get it work without success…
If somebody know how to get it work please help me…

I think that the Opengl community is very interdependent but…
still no answer…

Come on, how impatient you are.

Did you read and follow this :
OpenGL official wiki

Run it with the debugger, to pinpoint the exact place of the crash.

How is your code ?

my code is the same you mentionned above…
I’m using it to test opengl 3.2 and create an opengl 3.2 core profile.
I’m not at home so I can’t run it now…I will do it later…
Do you try to run this code too ??

You should only link with glew32.lib which contains the link definition so your program will also need glew32.dll
glew32s.lib is for static linking.
Link with one or the other. Not both!

Also, whoever wrote that tutorial should integrate GLEW into it.

Even this one doesn’t use GLEW

This one does use it