Opengl 3.1 and glsl 1.4 SDK

Is this available anywhere?
Under i can see quick ref for glsl 1.1 and reference pages for gl 2.1. Or are there any decent tutorials?

Get headers and docs:

Some core API are indexed here:

This points to 2.1 though.

Anything similar to that for new glsl?

Now that’s a handy reference. There’s a really nice one for OpenCL too.

I’m sure we’ll see the likes of those for GL3.0+ in the fullness of time.

I am sure we will. I was just wondering how can you use the new API when the only thing you have is a specification. No reference for GL, no reference for glsl, no samples or tutorials available. How can you make sure of optimal use of gl 3.1 for writing a professional application when none of these is available (unless i am missing something out)

The 3.1 spec lists absolutely clearly and nicely which API you should use. It presents you with one path to do draw-calls, and several paths to upload uniforms (some paths being obviously better for relatively constant big chunks of data, others being for small dynamic chunks).
For 3.1 code you just use the clean tutorials on GL2.1.

The 3.1 spec is not a replacement for the man pages. They serve completely different purposes.

I would like to hear an official comment on the matter. Even “there are no plans at this time” or “we are working on it” would be better than nothing.

For the beginner the spec probably isn’t the first choice, but you owe it to yourself as a self respecting GL coder to get used to it. There’s simply no better source for the nitty gritty (details noticeably absent in other API documentation whistles innocently).

Indeed, the specs are the ultimate source of information for OpenGL.

Good luck using them as inline docs in your favourite IDE, though! :slight_smile:

The man pages are irreplaceable if you want a quick reminder of valid parameters, error conditions and return values. The specs are written in a way that makes this rather inefficient (parameters / tokens scattered all over the place, etc etc).

In any case, it would be nice to know if there are any plans to update the man / reference pages.

Pretty slick there, Stephen.

A CHM version of the man pages would be welcome yet I don’t think anyone is holding their breath for it. If it’s a division of labor thing I suspect this is not the lowest hanging fruit.

Isn’t there a simple tool out there for this, something with a big red “DO IT” button on it? It’s not like this is zero-g toiletry or anything. It looks like you just need a XML to CHM converter. In a fit curiosity I actually built the man pages on my own machine a while back… fairly hairy tool chain and MathML seems to be the quintessential devil in the matter.

Hi all,

I have uploaded some basic OpenGL 3.1 and GLSL 1.4 samples on my webpage:
OpenGL 3.1 GLSL 1.4 samples
For windowing and initialization, I use GLUT and GLEW.

Cheers Norbert

PS: All tested with my NVIDIA GTX 280 :smiley: