openGL 3.1.0 version

using windows 7 64bit system on a Toshiba desk top all-in-one with HD graphics 3000 driver 6/27/2013, version i5-2430M CPU 2.40GHz 8GB installed. Using Autodesk 3D max 8 older version with openGl intel version having some problems with rendering freezing up! would like to update openGL but says it’s updated! what to do! can’t use windows 10 program won’t work! can’t pay for a newer version! I use this program a lot!

Double-check that you have the newest Intel graphics drivers. From this page it doesn’t sound like you do.

If you’re unable to get decent results with your existing GPU, take a look at what GPUs Autodesk recommends for 3DS Max 8 and consider a GPU upgrade.

The Intel HD 3000 doesn’t support higher than OpenGL 3.1; there is no upgrade option; you may get a newer driver but your graphics hardware will limit the GL version you can use.

It’s also a very weak, low-performing GPU. For CAD work you really need something more powerful. This isn’t a matter of software, your hardware isn’t up to the job.

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