OpenGL 3.0 / What Why and How?

What is this new OpenGL 3.0 thing. I heard a lot of functions are depracted now and should not be uses anymore? How does this impact developing OpenGL applications. Will things work more like OpenGL ES?

Is there a quick introduction on migrating to OpenGL 3.0 ?

Also how does this impact on supporting older hardware? Need two or more opengl paths in your application? One for old skool OpenGL and one for OpenGL 3.0?

OpenGL 3 doesn’t changed much yet except the way to create an OpenGL context. It mostly add features for GeForce8 and Radeon HD hardware.

Yes it is a bit like OpenGL ES but even if it is deprecated, it still work.

For older hardware it work the same way you will done with OpenGL 2.0 hardware and OpenGL 2.1 hardware.

I don’t know about a quick introduction …

(PS : Wrong forum for this question…)