opengl 3.0 and glut ??

I’ve several questions about some technical aspects of opengl3.0.

The first is about the relation between opengl3.0 and glut (I mean, in particular, freeglut). Recently (28/10/08) Steve Baker, the official maintainer of freeglut, replying to a similar question, wrote in freeglut-developer ml:

I can easily make a release. The question is what changes we HAVE to
make to get OpenGL3.0 working.

I don’t want to add a whole slew of new features - but I don’t want
freeglut to degenerate to the point where it won’t work anymore with
‘modern’ OpenGL.

So the first question is; “What changed in 3.0 that stop ‘standard’
OpenGL 2.x programs like freeglut from working?” I kinda suspect the
answer is “nothing” because I don’t think the ARB wanted to break
reverse compatibility. But I’m definitely not a 3.0 expert.

So, assuming on this board there are some 3.0 expert, I turn the question here: what about opengl3.0 ang glut based toolkits? They need to be modified? How much?



OpenGL 3 uses new ARB extensions WGL_ARB_create_context and GLX_ARB_create_context to initialize its context. Older methods will not support openGL3. All in all the initialization code for glut should check for these extensions as well.

Thanks a lot!

So, if I’ve well understand, it’s sufficient to change the 2 initialization methods above in order to update glut and freeglut? Nothing more?