Opengl 2D animation

Hi all,

I have to make a 2D animation short film based on a play using opengl.
I have my doubts on how should i begin.

Do i make each frame one at a time in opengl?
this has its problems as opengl is no drawing software.

Or should i use some software to make models first and then animate them in opengl?
Which kind of softwares are good, any names would be help.

Please somebody guide me how should i start my work.

Thanks in advance

This is for school? So you only have a month or something? Time is probably your limiting factor. If it’s just you my advice is to go as simple as possible. Make cutouts and move them around the screen without actually animating their limbs. Maybe switch between pictures like South Park does.

that’s my last option since i am already good at doing that.
It won’t take much time to do.

What’s the hard way?