OpenGL 2.1 support

Hi all! In current my project all rendering is done on OpenGL 2.1 As I know many functions are deprecated in OpenGL 3+ So I want to know, will be OpenGL 2.1 supported in future and how long it will be supported?

The deprecation was in the OpenGL 3.0 “Core” spec, and the removal was in OpenGL 3.1 “Core” spec. However, all this is largely all still there in the OpenGL “Compatibility” spec. If you just allocate an OpenGL “Compatibility” context (the default), you can basically access all the old APIs with no problem. See:

All that said, for performance and other reasons, you should consider migrating your code to use features natively supported by today’s GPUs. For instance, dump immediate mode, cache vertex data on the GPU, move to shaders, etc.

Ultimately that’s up to the hardware vendors. But the likely answer is “for the foreseeable future”. So long as people continue to use software written for 2.1 (or older), there will be a demand for hardware which supports it.

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