Opengl 2.0

okay, the whitepapers look very nice… but when are we going to be able to use it ?
I’ve read that Carmack was already using it for Doom3. How does he do ? I mean, even if he has a wildcat with opengl 2.0 drivers, doesn’t he need the gl libraries version 2.0 also ? Is there anyway I can link and run ogl2 progs at home ?

Besides, on hardware, like the geforce3, which does not fully support ogl2, what amount of hardware acceleration can I expect ?

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Isnt doom 3 using directX 9

Of course Doom 3 uses DX 9. But only for input, sound and so on.
For the graphics he still uses OpenGL!
Anyway, i once read an article from JC, where he talked about D3D and OpenGL. After i read that, i was convinced he will never touch D3D again :wink:


the openGL 2.0 is made as extensions for openGL 2.0 (you can read about openGl extensions on this site).this means that a card that support openGL1.4 (as geForce 3)
will run games done by openGL 2. this is a great point of strength in openGL that is not found in direct x.and about the geforce3 accelaration it will perform well in the medium detail mode (as what happened in the first show of doom 3),but it doesn’t support some features (as the 6 texture maps needed in doom 3).carmack is not programming doom in opengl 2 since it hasn’t been released yet but he is using extensions that enables him to use abilities of new hardware as radeon 9700 that is not found in the libraries of oenGL 1.4.