opengl 2.0 with shader

Dear All,

All these days, I was programming using opengl lesser versions. Now I am shifting to opengl 2.0 with shader. where can I download opengl 2.0 shader.and Is there any programmer guide for the same.


You can learn about OpenGL 2.0 shaders in OpenGL 2.0 specification and GLSL (GL shader language) specification. Here are the links:
OpenGL 2.0 Specification
GLSL specification

And of course there’s the wiki:

Use GLEW, one call to initialize all extensions and off you go into the blazingly bright and shiny world of OpenGL 2.0 ! :smiley:

And if you want to learn about shader-programming and GLSL in particular, i recommend the “Orange Book” (real title: “OpenGL Shading Language”).