OpenGL 1.5? 2.0? Which one is most recent?

After reading up on OpenGL, I’m a bit confused as to the versions of the API. OK, so it seems that v1.5 is the most recent released version (one that includes pixel shading). But on 3dlabs web site, they say that pixel shading will come in v2.0 of Open GL…? Confusion mode on… so is OpenGL 1.5 and 2.0 the same thing? When is OpenGL 2.0 coming out?

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Hello Big Question Shooter!

as you said you are totally new to OpenGL so please don’t start with pixel shaders. For the basics, OpenGL 1.1 is sufficient.

Sorry Jan, but your answer has nothing to do with my question…

AFAIK OpenGL 1.5 spec has not been released yet. So the most recent version for now is 1.4. 1.5 should be released shortly (probably at Siggraph, which began yesterday).
OpenGL 2.0 is (unfortunately) quite far from being released. It’s still just a proposal.

Thank you for the info.
So is the standard programmable pixel shading (not through extensions) part of OpenGL 1.5 or 2.0?

Shaders won’t be integrated in 1.5 core. They will stay as ARB extensions. This should not be a concern for you. ARB_fragment_program is supported by Radeon 9500 and up, and GF FX 5200 and up.

ok, thank you for the help.

By definition, OpenGL2.0 will be out the day shading language will integrate the core specification.

That is exactly why I get confused about 2.0.
I think on 3d LAbs it says that OpenGL langauge was approved by ARB and it will be in 1.5. Others say that OpenGL shading language has not yet been approved and that it will be in 2.0 :frowning:

There is more to 2.0 than only the shading language, although the shading language is that thing which most people look forward to.

OpenGL 1.5 has glslang, but that doesn’t mean it’s OpenGL 2.0. GL2 has many more goodies

(btw, you can do pixel shaders in 1.4…)

The GL shading language (glslang for short) has been approved by ARB, but as an extension. As long as it will remain an extension, OpenGL2 will not be there.