OpenGL 1.4

how could I make OpenGL 1.4 programs ? I need some OpenGL 1.4 header file ? And where can I find it ? I only have the 1.2 version. please, help, I want to make my own OpenGL 1.4 program :slight_smile:

I don’t know to.

Look here:

It seems we have this questions every 3 days or so. I guess the search function of this forum must be terribly hard to use.

Aren’t the headers available yet. Nvidia released their 2000/XP drivers so maybe their SDK has been updated.

The link isn’t working, BTW.


Hm the site is up and running. It’s strange it didn’t work for you V-Man.


OK thanks for your answers. I try to download the latest nvidia SDK with my 56K modem. The link works correctly for me.