OpenGL 1.4 libs/headers?

Where do I get the OpenGL 1.4 libraries and header files (e.g. for Windows and Linux)?

Hopefully there is an official site. I’ve seen some headers from:

SGI and Mesa are a good place for linux. For windows it’s hardere but I believe you should look for extensions (glext.h). Best of luck.

Headers and all official extension specs are here:

In case this wasn’t clear, there is no LIB or DLL which has functions above OpenGL 1.1 under Windows because Microsoft has never updated the OpenGL32.dll and it’s a system file which must not be replaced. You need to wglGetProcAddress on all newer functions. There are some helper code to do that for you in various SDKs.
Dunno about Linux.

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Originally posted by Relic:
Headers and all official extension specs are here:

The OpenGL 1.4 book examples do not compile unless I include the gl.h from Why is this? What is the standard approach for making this work?

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The book may have been written under the assumption that you compile/run the code in Linux/Solaris, or some other specific environment. This should also be mentioned in the book, methinks.

On Windows, extensions will just never load automatically. You can write the code to import the functions yourself (wglGetProcAddress) or use a library that does it for you. I’ve heard GLee is rather good.

I was also looking for a replacement for the great extgl, since Lev Povalahev sadly seems to have stopped development.
GLee seems very much up to the task - no frills, just two files in the project directory and everything’s pretty.
GLew, an offspring of extgl, would also be an option - I don’t like the distribution too much though, it’s just too bulky for simple OpenGL headers.

yes. i downloaded opengl1.4 headers, but when i compile my new simple code under newest mingw32 i get:
gcc -o test.exe main.o -lopengl32 -lglu32
main.o(.text+0x2ee):main.c: undefined reference to glGenProgramsNV@8' main.o(.text+0x2ff):main.c: undefined reference toglBindProgramNV@8’
main.o(.text+0x31e):main.c: undefined reference to glLoadProgramNV@16' main.o(.text+0x334):main.c: undefined reference toglTrackMatrixNV@16’
main.o(.text+0x635):main.c: undefined reference to glBindProgramNV@8' main.o(.text+0x66d):main.c: undefined reference toglProgramParameter4fNV@24’
mingw32-make: *** [test.exe] Error 1

do i need newer libopengl32.a? if so, where can i download?


that depends, under windows you need to use wglGetProcAddress to access the extensions see for details.
under linux you should be able to download a later library but I’m not positive

A more portable solution than wglGetProcAddress/glXGetProcAddress is to use glfwGetProcAddress in the GLFW toolkit . The GLFW Users Manual also gives a pretty deep explanation on how to deal with extensions.

Regarding OpenGL 1.4 headers… I’m the maintainer of the files at, and I still have not found any good replacement (except for using something like GLew).

Lately I’ve been toying with the idea to turn the project into a sourceforge project, so that several people can maintain it under proper version control etc. I think the world deserves a unified, cross platform, up-to-date, OpenGL reference include file, that, at any time, should work as a drop-in replacement for any compiler.

Anyone interested?

Ideally this kind of thing should be run by the ARB, but I think that it should be as open as possible to give some momentum to the project.

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Originally posted by marcus256:
Regarding OpenGL 1.4 headers… I’m the maintainer of the files at, and I still have not found any good replacement.

Thanks for providing these. I’m not as familiar with the porting issues as should be. The headers were very helpful